The Sangyakkun are a clan of men and women from the Far East. They are organized around the Paek family, their walled compound a small village unto itself somewhere in the uplands forests of the realm.

The Sangyakkun are known as bounty hunters and assassins, their members coming from many families but more often formed of orphans or runaways. Training is rumored to begin as soon as a child can walk, with martial training beginning as soon as the child is capable of holding the practice weapons.

Among their ranks can be found warriors and spellcasters of all kinds; it is not uncommon to find the members of the Sangyakkun training alongside one another, blending spell and steel to perfect harmony. As such, its members are frequently organized into pairings or small teams made to complement each other's abilities.

It is rare to find a member of the Sangyakkun in the western lands, but some have recently been seen in and around Calpheon.

Known Members of the Sangyakkun Edit