The newly minted Black Desert Online branch is taking a new spin on roleplay guilds as a Storytelling Guild. Our theme is dark and mature but not evil. There is a place for all types. We have rich and engaging characters and stories that will shape and form what Eternus will become. Be aware, The Unseen Hand is always watching you!

Eternus plays on the Black Desert Server of Orwen!

If you'd like to join the Black Desert Online branch of Eternus, please submit an application here!

A Bit Of History Edit

Eternus began under the name of The Kingdom Of Arisea (or Arisea for short) in ArcheAge with the goals of forming a player nation of both the Eastern and Western races. It was a goal that was epic in scale and for some time it went well. We had two guilds, East Arisea and West Arisea, each forming player towns Eryun and Reladia respectively. However with unfortunate realization that the player faction system never being introduced and that ArcheAge was at its core a PVP game, the two sides decided to reform as Eryun and Eternus.

The separation wasn't smooth but over time many of those bridges have been mended. The Eastern guild, Eryun, was eventually dissolved and the player town was given back to Eternus. However, since we were by this time a Western guild we had no real use for it and it was eventually given to an Eastern guild who had many of our former Eastern members who were still on good terms called Devigard.

Eternus continued to prosper even with its own share of struggles. Interest in ArcheAge began to wane due to how Trion was managing the game and the heavy RNG and P2W elements took their tole. When more information of Black Desert Online began to surface the active members of Eternus sat their sights on a new horizon.