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Eternus is a roleplay guild unlike any other. More than just roleplay, we consider ourselves a storytelling guild. We have rich and engaging characters and stories that make up our roster. We're one community united like a family! Under the leadership of our BDO Community Leader ((OOC)) and The Shadō ((IC)) we have a flourishing narrative that weaves in the characters of our members. From merchants to criminals, soldiers to mercenaries, powerful leaders to regular citizens, nothing is beyond the reach of The Unseen Hand. Our goal is to tell epic and everyday tales of an ensemble cast made up by our members.

Come, join the story!

To join Eternus, one must submit to the will of The Unseen Hand and become one of The Branded. Each character carries with them a brand on their left palm. This provides both a source of communication and a level of control. Be sure to check out our website and read our Code of Conduct before applying to the guild.

Community Manager: Toxa

Black Desert Branch Leader: Zason

Black Desert Officers: Nita, Saffy, Daryanne, Jay (Family: Trene) and Rhi (Family: Jeswarai)