Oskar Fahr

Oskar Fahr is the surviving member of the Fahr family. He is a taller, older man with a bass voice, lightly-accented with a dialect native to Calpheon.

Full Name: Oskar Arthur Edward Fahr
Nicknames: "O"
Date of Birth: Late Spring
Age: 57 Years Old
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Hair: Auburn With White Streaks
Skin: Tanned
Eyes: Blue
Height: 5'6"
Weight: 142 lbs +/-

Biography Edit

Place of residence: Merchant Street South, Calpheon
Place of Birth: Calpheon
Known Relatives: Sole surviving member of the Fahr family.

Religion/Philosophy: Oskar is a secular, reluctant theist. He understands that the gods do exist and do exert their influence upon the world, but he is not an active participant in any organized faith. He advocates that humanity and civilization would be better off without the churches, which he believes have fallen to vanity and human pride.

Occupation: Alchemist
Group/Guild Affiliation: Eternus
Guild Rank: Unbranded

Likes: Eastern women, alchemical experiments, and spellcasting.
Favorite Foods: Buttered Sandfish, Apples
Favorite Drinks: Cinnamon Clove Mead
Favorite Colors: Forest Green, Brown, Bronze
Weapons of Choice: Wizard's Staff, Steel Dagger
Dislikes: The Church of Elion, Abbey of Saint Bastiano
Hobbies: Reading, learning ancient lore, experimenting, fishing, various carnal pursuits.

Physical Features: To Be Entered.

Special Abilities: Blackstone Magic, Alchemy
Positive Personality Traits: Open-minded.
Negative Personality Traits: Addictive.
Misc. Quirks: Oskar is a hedonist. He enjoys things that make him feel good, be they material, magical, or even other people. He is also generous in wanting to share pleasurable things with others.

Played by What Famous Person: Lionel Barrymore

History: To Be Entered.

Alchemical Creations Edit

Eyes of the Owl - A powdered stimulant designed to improve clarity and perception. Dissolved in drinks for full effect. A single dose (one pinch) lasts approximately thirty minutes, though continued use reduces this time. Side effects include uncontrolled twitching, involuntary eye movement, rapid speech, high blood pressure, headache, upset stomach, loss of or increased appetite, weight loss, nervousness, insomnia. Common after effects include sluggishness and lack of focus, difficulty forming complete sentences. [Addictive]

Recent Events Edit

  • Oskar has been seen in the company of a much younger eastern woman named Tayami.
  • After the death of Tayami, Oskar very quickly moved out of the shop on Merchant Street South. He has taken up with another eastern woman, a courtesan named Mingqin.
  • Oskar has recently returned to Calpheon from a trip to Balenos and Serendia.
  • Oskar has recently reopened Fahr and Away Herbalism, a shop on Merchant Street South.
  • Oskar relocated the shop out of Calpheon to the Gabino Farm.

Rumor Mill Edit

  • "Can you believe it? The girl he'd been with was barely cold before he picked up with that new girl."
  • "I heard that he's looking to develop illicit substances right under the nose of the guard."
  • "Rumor has it that the rich and powerful see him for 'intimacy aids'."
  • "You ever hear of mundane objects being infused with magic? I hear he can do it."
  • "Tell him you are looking for Dragonfruit."
  • "I hear he has one of those black thorn tentacle things from the swamp. How'd he manage to domesticate it?"