Fahr Crest

The Fahr Family Crest

The Fahr family were native to Calpheon. They were a mercantile family that specialized in growing silver azalea and sunrise herbs near the Gabino Farm to sell on the market to various alchemists.

The Fahr family crest was an owl with wings displayed in majesty, clutching a diamond stone in its talons.

Grand Patron Edit

Kayden Fahr

Grand Matron Edit

Alara (Maiden Name: Le Bourhis)

Patron Edit

Rhys Fahr

Matron Edit

Elena (Maiden Name: Perry)

Last Generation Edit

  • Walter Fahr
  • Jan (John) Fahr
  • Coen Fahr
  • Kaatje Fahr (Married Name: Badenburg)
  • Oskar Fahr

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